Siflet Multi Fonctions

Ruban : FPS test zone
Dimension: 48 mm x 30 mtr.


Sifflet 100% plastique
* Sifflet de survie très puissant
* Boussole
* Thermomètre (-20-50)
* Miroir de survie (use of sunlight reflection principle to search and rescue personnel to explain their current position)
* Miroir allume feux (no fire in the field situation, can use the principle of the sun, magnifying concentrated sunlight refraction to produce Bacillus fire / leaf)
* Puissante lampe à Led
* Très léger (can be placed in life: to be inside before the trip to the name, address, telephone number, blood type)
* Whistles
* Lanière en nylon (length 100cm)
Alimenté par 2 x CR 2016 batteries